- Dwell Magazine - 1960s Ranch Offers Big City Feel in Historic Charleston

   2020 A Mid-Century Modern project located in the heart of the LowCountry


 - Dwell Magazine - The Emmedue Architecture Design Studio (Formerly StudioMa)

   An old Automotive Repair shop is transformed into a modern Architecture Design Studio


 - Dynamic Building Facades: A Study on the Mediation Between Double Skin Construction, Daylighting, and Design
   At the 2011 Symposium, Architecture graduate students Christoph Konradi, Eric Goldman, and Matteo Rapallini shared the
   first-place award for their presentation, Dynamic Building Facades: A Study on the Mediation Between Double Skin Construction, 
   Daylighting, and Design.....

 - The fifty-eight meeting of the City Council of Charleston
  Council-member Waring said, “I’d like to applaud the owner, staff, and everybody involved on this, and this used to be a paint 
  and body shop, and it was grandfathered under being General Business

 - The Early Chicago Tall Office Building: Artistically and Functionally Considered
   All drawings were commissioned by and are reproduced courtesy of the author. They were produced by Matteo Rapallini. All photographs       used with the permission of the Art Institute of Chicago, Ryerson & Burnham Archives

 - Rethinking Essays of Perception
   The Spiritual Grounding of Design for a Healing Community. NC State School of Design - Architecture Library Dec 2011

 - Il Quaderno Nero
   Matteo Rapallini Architecture Portfolio - Behance


 - Rapid-Deployable Base Camps
   A Multidisciplinary Preliminary Research Project for ARMY Corps of Engineers “Lighter Than Air". 


 - Dwell Editor’s Picks Featuring StudioMa
   Architect Transforms a Neighborhood Eyesore into his Magnificent Design Studio.... 

 - Charleston Architecture Firm StudioMA Welcomes SCCLF Support for Maryville-Ashleyville Mixed-Use Project
   Contemporary architecture firm founders Matteo Rapallini and his wife Merced Rapallini are excited to announce.... 

 - 2018 Westie Awards
   Our beloved parish is in the midst of something much greater than a revitalization.... 

 - West Of Honors 2018 Westie Award Winners, Announces New Monthly Format
   On Monday, March 5, from 6-8 p.m, the 2018 Westie Award class will be honored at a reception and presentation at The Schoolhouse.... 

 - Blueprint of a Renaissance 
   Some of West Ashley’s rebirth is emerging in smaller, more personal bites. Like the investment Matteo Rapallini.... read more

 - StudioMa Offers Turn-Key Services
   The growing custom high end residential architects and commercial architectural firm decided to hire an In-House Artist due to the high... 


 - StudioMa in Charleston receives disabled veteran-owned status

StudioMa Architecture is pleased to announce that their firm has been formally.....